The Rogue’s Vengeance Novel by Sunshine

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The Rogue’s Vengeance Novel Summary.

On a fateful night, two souls fueled by vengeance cross paths, their destinies intertwined by a burning thirst for revenge.

Ace Domenico, a rogue, scarred by the atrocities of the clans that destroyed his life. Isabella, a wounded omega, carrying a weight of wrath against the same clans.

Together, they embark on a revengeful journey to eliminate the clans that have wronged them. But as the conversations deepen their connection, vengeance transforms into an unexpected force: love.

This change of heart started challenging everything they believed about the power of revenge. What is stronger? Revenge or Love?

The Rogue's Vengeance Novel by Sunshine
The Rogue’s Vengeance Novel by Sunshine

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