The Ruthless Mafia King’s Possession Novel by Mariella Bee

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The Ruthless Mafia King’s Possession Novel Summary.

Be careful who you trust. Because, even your bestfriend can also become your greatest enemy★ Don’t come close to me !” I yelled on top of my lungs, taking two step backwards.

My gaze fixated on his hand, dripping with blood. He had just cut off a man’s hands like it meant nothing. What kind of human is he? No! No! No! He is no human, he is an animal.

A bloody filthy animal. “I won’t hurt you, baby girl.” He took a couple of step towards me and I kept moving backwards, until my rear back collided with the wall, trapping me with him.

I whimpered in fear. Unable to utter a single word as his bloodied hand caressed my chin. Somebody please save me! I cried inwardly.

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“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He complimented me but I returned the favor by spitting on his face. “And you’re an animal!” I retorted. He wiped his face with his bloody hand.

Then, he shot me a daunting glare. I braced myself for what could come next. I was ready to bear the brunt of my action.

He could run a slap across my face. or perhaps, he might even kill me too. But instead, his handsome face brightened with a devilish smirk and he claimed my lips.

Janie’s father took her to a big mansion under the guise of going there to borrow money for her tuition fee. Unknown to her, he was actually going to sell her to the ruthless, dangerous and heartless mafia king, Luciano Giacomo.

She found out that same day, that the man whom she believed to be her father, whom she trusted all her life wasn’t really who she thought he was.

Her father just betrayed her! what happens after Janie suffers that betrayal from her father? How will she cope living with the most dangerous person on Earth as his possession?

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Find out more from this suspense filled mafia romance novel on Janie and Luciano journey. WARNING; Not for readers below the age of eighteen!

The Ruthless Mafia King's Possession Novel by Mariella Bee
The Ruthless Mafia King’s Possession Novel by Mariella Bee

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