The Season of Secrets Novel by Q.B. Tyler

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The Season of Secrets Novel Summary.

The boss is unashamedly into you.”

At least, that’s what my friend says.

It doesn’t matter that Wes Beckham owns the company I work for or that he’s twenty years older than me or that there’s a strict “no fraternization policy” in place.

She is convinced he wants me and that the office holiday party is the perfect place to let him know I’m interested.

Because while he’s technically my older, very off- limits boss, he’s also gorgeous and charming and despite his grumpy nature, he seems to have a soft spot for me.

So, I go for it. I take a risk for once and choose to be spontaneous and have one wild night with my boss.

But one night turns into a full weekend and by the end, it’s very obvious that he has zero intentions of letting me go.

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He wants me and I want him but how long can we keep our relationship a secret?.

The Season of Secrets Novel by Q.B. Tyler
The Season of Secrets Novel by Q.B. Tyler

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