The Stubborn Heiress (Book 3) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, The Stubborn Heiress (Book 3) by Anna Shannel Lin.


The Stubborn Heiress (Book 3) Novel Summary.

A famous vlogger and a carefree daughter of the magnate tycoon Brent Santillian and popular internationally renowned fashion model Shantal Rodriguez Santillian-she is none-other than Denise Santillian.

Her world was perfect and happy! And she was engaged to the most handsome Doctor named Carl Cruz. But her perfect life is doomed to be destroyed by the unknown enemy.

She was abducted and assaulted by someone who sought revenge for his family against hers. The tragic night happened five years ago that left a permanent scar and shattered her perfect world.

She lost her memory and bore a cute little son whose father was unknown. Her son was way more intelligent than a normal child as he had inherited the exceptional knowledge from her family.

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Seeking the truth about the painful death of her fiance, her unknown enemy dragging her back to hell. But this time around, their fate changed when the notorious enemy encountered her intelligent son.

Would she find the truth about the man who assaulted her and left a painful mark on her heart, mind, and body?

Will she forgive the man who showed no mercy that night five years ago when he confessed his love?

The Stubborn Heiress (Book 3) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin
The Stubborn Heiress (Book 3) Novel by Anna Shannel Lin

Read The Stubborn Heiress (Book 3) Novel Summary.

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