The Sultan’s Bride Novel by Lavline

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The Sultan’s Bride Novel Summary.

That ‘yes’ could mean my death, torture, hate, disrespect, rape or anything more heartless and brutal. But, keeping my head high I said ‘I am ready!”

He was the king of Arab, living miles away and had an evil plan against my Empire proposed for the marriage in front of Royal court with me but little did he know was nothing I had on my mind.

I agreed for the wedding and his face fell. I could clearly see the anger and hate he had for me as he expected a straight denial. But, I couldn’t deny.

I had to accept it for the sake of my empire and my family didn’t know anything about the conspiracy. I didn’t know what he had for me but I somehow made myself ready for everything he had to give and never let him succeed in whatever he was thinking.

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But, my world turned upside down when I reached his Empire. I couldn’t believe he had such plans. This is the Journey of Princess Gulaab as she accepted the proposal of a Twisted Sultan about whom she knows nothing.

All she knew was he was planning a vast conspiracy against her Empire and she was the only one who could ruin his plan to ashes. She didn’t think twice of herself, she didn’t think twice about how she would be treated far away from her Empire.

All she cared was only well for her Empire and she could literally do anything for her Brother and her Empire. Mature Content!!!

The Sultan's Bride Novel by Lavline
The Sultan’s Bride Novel by Lavline

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