The Temptation Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled The Temptation Novel.

The Temptation Novel Summary

First of all, I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THIS FANFIC. I was bored, so I uploaded this fanfic so that I can read it here on web-novel. If you want, you can also read and suggest some good smut RWBY in comment section. You can also read this fanfic on and AO3 (Archive of Our Own), as well as Questionable Questing.

Summary: After a mission gone wrong, Jaune Arc has difficulty remembering what happened to him down in that Schnee Dust mine. Grateful with being alive, he finds that his luck takes a turn for the better when he starts having steamy encounters with many of the women in his life. If only the peace between Mantle and Atlas wasn’t crumbling all around them.

The Temptation Novel
The Temptation Novel

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