The Wolf’s Bride Full Novel

“The Wolf’s Bride” is an interesting novel I enjoyed reading myself, a remarkable book that awaits your free reading pleasure. This extraordinary literary creation promises an engaging journey right from its opening page to the very last line.


In the paragraphs that follow, allow us to unveil a glimpse of the intricate narrative that awaits within its covers.

The Wolf’s Bride Novel Summary

Within the heart of this story, the mighty Wolf King commands an army of a million soldiers, yet finds himself powerless against the dictates of his master, compelling him to wed a woman he scarcely knows.

As destiny would have it, the paths of Andrius and Luna intertwine. Initially, they conspire to annul the impending marriage arrangement, but fate takes an unexpected twist. United by circumstance, the pair embarks on an audacious journey to feign their marital union, spinning a web of pretense as husband and wife.

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Will the enigmatic Wolf King succeed in winning the affections of his ‘bride’ within the confines of time? Or shall the bride herself be robbed of her future even before the echoes of their fictitious wedlock fade?

The Wolf’s Bride Full Novel
The Wolf’s Bride Full Novel.

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