The Woman Of Sacrifice Novel by Nan

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, The Woman Of Sacrifice by Nan.

The Woman Of Sacrifice Novel Summary.

For the sake of family life, Hanna, who had originally been poor in the Dutch Indies, was forced to leave her country to work in Batavia.

She became a personal servant to a stubborn and desperate man. Don’t expect life at all. That arrogant young master always grappling with his mind to commit suicide made Hannah desperate.

On the other hand, Hannah fell in love with a friendly Dutch man who loved Indonesia. But dirk was now in danger and threatened to be finished off by the natives after the Dutch lost the world war.

What does Hannah have to do to save her lover? Meanwhile his relationship with young master only worsen when he proposed.

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Should Hannah accept the rich man’s love? Should she ignore her forbidden love with Dirk?

The Woman Of Sacrifice Novel by Nan
The Woman Of Sacrifice Novel by Nan

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