The World Only We Exist Novel by Myn

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The World Only We Exist Novel Summary.

The story follows two perspectives: The popstar Anya Moore and the disliked and unknown rockstar Sadie Ozoa.

Both of them live different lives that they wish to change, and it happened the moment they bumped into each other when they made wrong decisions that one unfaithful night.

Although strangers, they thought the unexpected: run as far away from the situation that could have led to their wishes.

They don’t know how they ended up walking together and they don’t know why. But all they want to do is to escape from the environment they were surrounded by.

Anya and Sadie thought they would be distant but with every step they took, they started to know so much about each other and what they have one thing in common:

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they hated how the world has become. They then thought what if they rebuild Earth where it is all ruled by only the two of them and make it a reality?

As they go on the journey to create their own world, Anya sees that Sadie is more than an outcast and Sadie sees that Anya is more than just a star–they are each other’s world.

But with the world that is against their odds, will they be able to show their truth? It wasn’t until Anya’s wealthy mother found a way to separate each other–for good.

And this is where Anya opens her eyes wide to the reality that she was only happy when she was with Sadie. And she tries anything in her power to show her true self, all thanks to Sadie.

The World Only We Exist Novel by Myn
The World Only We Exist Novel by Myn

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