Three-Night Stand Novel by Rebel Bloom

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Three-Night Stand Novel Summary.

I walked in on my boyfriend hitting a high note—with the singer of the band he’s supposed to be managing.

So I decided to play my own crescendo—waking up in a tangle of three sinfully delicious rockstars.

Three nights. Three nights of heated revenge with the biggest band on my company’s label.
Three nights where rough, gruff men struck chords in places I never knew could hum.

The morning I woke up sandwiched between the three members of JAX;
Was the morning I realized I may have ruined my career. Forever.

Yet, instead of facing a firing squad led by my ex at the record label, I was in for the shock of my life.
JAX didn’t just defend me; they demanded I be their new tour manager.

I agreed on one non-negotiable everything stays professional.
Now, they’re making it their personal mission to break me.

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There’s Xavier the gentle giant who makes my heart throb. When he uses his wall of muscles to protect me, I try to ignore the way it makes my panties melt.

Mack with his legendary bad-boy antics lives by his own set of rules. Charming and flirtatious, he knows just how to make my ovaries sing.

And cruel, moody Jones with his intense gaze and salt and pepper beard. The torment he’s been putting me through only makes me want him more.

All three of these men do unspeakable things to my resolve.
I know they are trying to break me, but the truth is I’m already broken.
Every riff, every whispered promise, every lingering touch, and the way they make their fans scream shreds my heart to bits.

I’m half their age. Can I really be the siren song they can’t resist?
Or just another track on their album?
And as my ex gears up for his revenge tour, I know it’s not just my heart at risk…..

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18+ Only. Standalone reverse harem romance w/no cheating and an HEA.

Three-Night Stand Novel by Rebel Bloom
Three-Night Stand Novel by Rebel Bloom

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