Three Realms Novel by Lully Lully

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Three Realms Novel Summary.

Xena, an exile princess staying in the dark realm with her coach General Lynx, seeks revenge for her unjust treatment of how she was thrown into a lifeless realm to die.

She spends years training and after a series of events, she is released from her bounded place by Xavier alongside her pet.

Xena comes to the first realm where there is colour and life but she keeps her identity hidden from Levi who wanted to help her know more about the kingdom but finally finds out who she truly was and why she was there.

They go separate ways but faith brings them together again when Levi brings the news of the dying Zina to Xena’s ears.

They go on a quest together, however Xena is forced to fight for her sister whose last words stayed with her. Knowing the mastermind behind all the problems was Xavier,

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Xena demands a duel battle with Xavier who cheats by using dark magic, leading to Xena’s exhaustion. He was about to finish her off when Levi intervains, receiving the hit meant for her.

They have an emotional moment, where he kisses her and tells her the words she longed to hear before giving up in her arms.

Clouded by anger, Xena gets up in rage, sparks coming out from her fingers and eyes as she begins to unleash all she had on Xavier whom she later deprived of his powers.

After the war, she goes back to Levi’s body and uses her newly gained abilities to restore his life as well as Zina’s. At the end,

Zina is allowed to rule both kingdom’s while Xena brought life to the dark realm and allowed the existence of magical creatures which had been kept hidden.

Three Realms Novel by Lully Lully
Three Realms Novel by Lully Lully

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