Thrill of the Chase Novel by Mnemosyne

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Thrill of the Chase Novel Summary.

In the cozy condo, Max’s confession hung in the air, thick with emotion. Isabella, her heart pounding, leaned in and whispered, “Max, I love you too.”

Their love ignited like a long-awaited spark, but across town, tension simmered in Isabella’s apartment. A

very had grown suspicious, her patience worn thin by Isabella’s evasions. With a swift, shocking motion, Avery’s hand met Isabella’s cheek in a stinging slap.

“Tell me the truth, Isabella,” Avery demanded, her eyes blazing with fury, “or our friendship ends right here.” The room quivered with the weight of their confrontation, secrets on the verge of shattering.

In a world where love and secrets collide, their destinies intertwined, the truth became the key to unlocking a tale of passion, friendship, and redemption.

Thrill of the Chase Novel by Mnemosyne
Thrill of the Chase Novel by Mnemosyne

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