Tied Over Novel by Mary Calmes

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Tied Over Novel Summary.

Josiah Redeker has been tied up, tied down, and just plain tied to Bodhi Callahan since the younger marshal was paired with him five years ago.

It was an easy slide from partners to best friends, and though Bodhi wanted more, Josiah thought Bodhi could do far better than him.

That made for a bumpy ride, and, of course, the moment Josiah realized that trying to live without the man he loved more than anything was not something he could do,

that was when Bodhi broke the big news that he was getting married. Adding to that nightmare, they got reassigned as partners because other people needed them more.

It’s a disaster all around, and all Josiah sees ahead of him is pain—and not only from getting shot.

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But what he thinks he knows for sure isn’t exactly all there is. Turns out, he’s not the only one who’s missing his touchstone, and Bodhi might be fraying at the edges, coming undone.

When two people have been tied together over and over for so long, it’s not so easy to get loose.

And maybe neither wants to be free of the other, and that could be their future, as long as no one comes between them… with a gun.

Tied Over Novel by Mary Calmes
Tied Over Novel by Mary Calmes

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