Torn Between My Alpha Mates Novel by Anna Kendra

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Torn Between My Alpha Mates by Anna Kendra.

Torn Between My Alpha Mates Novel Summary.

When Alpha Silas Whitlock, the strongest Alpha of the Thunder Stone pack, had expected to settle down with his mate in a peaceful life, he is betrayed by his Beta and half-brother, Ezra,

who frames him for a murder he didn’t commit. Now, he has no option but to run from the people who he once considered family. However, what he hadn’t expected was to run into his real mate.

The only problem is that she’s a weak human with no idea of the existence of the supernatural world and Silas needs a strong warrior by his side if he has to get back his pack and defeat his brother.

Zoya had once had the perfect life and the perfect job at New York City Hospital. However, one wrong move with her perverted boss ends her transferred to a clinic in the middle of nowhere.

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To top it off, her ‘arranged’ fiancé decides to cheat on her with her cousin! Just as she is about to say ‘fuck you’ to her past and start a new life in the mountains,

she ends up finding a very naked man inside her cabin in the middle of the woods. What on earth is going on? Things couldn’t get any worse, could they? If only she had the slightest club.

Will Silas be able to look past Zoya’s humanity and accept her as his mate? Or will Zoya have to watch the man she has come to love be claimed by another, breaking her heart forever? Or will fate give her a second chance at love with a man just as broken as her?

Torn Between My Alpha Mates Novel by Anna Kendra
Torn Between My Alpha Mates Novel by Anna Kendra

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