Touch of Flame by JasmineJosef

Touch of Flame by JasmineJosef is an enthralling fantasy romance novel that captivates readers with its unique plot and dynamic characters.

Summary of Touch of Flame by JasmineJosef

The plot revolves around two main characters: King Malachi, a hot-blooded dragon of royal blood who is imprisoned by humans, and Ravina, a cold-hearted princess on a mission to wipe out the dragon race.

Malachi is being held captive by the humans he despises, and his only thought is vengeance. When a human female offers him kindness, he is torn between his desire for her and his burning desire for vengeance. Ravina, on the other hand, is out to find her sister, who has been abducted by dragons.

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Touch of Flame by JasmineJosef
Touch of Flame by JasmineJosef

Malachi must reconcile his conflicting desires and devise a strategy for exacting his vengeance without annihilating the one person who has shown him kindness.

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Touch of Flame is a well-written and engaging novel that transports readers to a world of fantasy, romance, and intrigue. The characters have complex motivations and desires that keep the reader guessing. The plot is unpredictable, and the writing is vivid and descriptive, bringing the story to life in the reader’s mind. The book is a delightful read for fans of fantasy romance.

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