Trapped with Colin Novel by LARK COLE

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Trapped with Colin Novel Summary.

Trapped series – Episode IV: Trapped with Colin.

You would think that for a beautiful girl with a respected family, everything will go smoothly without a hitch. However, for Sophia, nothing is ever so easy.

Her life starts to spin out of control when her ex-boyfriend, together with her sworn enemy, set her up and send her to jail. As if that’s not enough, after her marriage with Colin,

fate has played yet another joke on her. She is now facing a very precarious situation where her husband is growing suspicious of her and a bunch of vicious villains are trying to pounce at her at every turn.

How will the future unfold for Sophia? Let’s find out!

Trapped with Colin Novel by LARK COLE
Trapped with Colin Novel by LARK COLE

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