Trying to Live an Ordinary Life Novel

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Trying to Live an Ordinary Life Novel Summary

The story centers on Leores, a former elite assassin trying to live a normal life after retiring. As a child, Leores was taken in and trained by a secret organization of assassins called The Fraternity. He became known as “Leo the Hollow,” one of the most feared assassins in the criminal underworld. However, after befriending a girl named Lishcelle when he was 14, Leores decides to leave his life as an assassin behind.

Four years later, Leores is 18 and living a college life, having adopted a new identity. However, The Fraternity tries to pull him back in for one last job. They threaten to reveal Leores’s past to Lishcelle, whom Leores has developed romantic feelings for. This forces Leores to temporarily re-embrace his assassin skills.
Leores deals with The Fraternity’s assignment while trying to hide his secret life from Lishcelle. Complicating matters is a fellow assassin named Kashī, who has her eyes on Leores and tries to seduce him. Leores also must contend with a dangerous experimental drug that gives superhuman abilities to normal people.

Throughout it all, Leores struggles to understand the romantic feelings he’s developing and his relationship with Lishcelle. After some close calls, Leores finally reveals his past to Lishcelle and admits he loves her. Michelle accepts all of Leores, even the darker parts of his past. They start a relationship just as Leores faces the looming threat of war breaking out in the underworld.

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The story explores Leores’ path to embracing emotions, falling in love, and trying to change himself and leave his past behind. But his assassin origins may come back to threaten his new peaceful life.

Trying to Live an Ordinary Life Novel
Trying to Live an Ordinary Life Novel

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