Tyrant’s Reborn Hot Wife Novel by Xie LiuYing

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Tyrant’s Reborn Hot Wife Novel Summary.

After her rebirth, in order to completely avenged her past life she decide to become more and more unscrupulous. 

But she do not know there is a man she had taken a fancy to in her previous life become addicted to her in this life! 

He was the young commander of an empire that others had spoken of as being extremely powerful and aloof. Yet, he was competing against her.

so as to let her fall into his trap step by step and willingly spend the rest of her life with him, he allowed her to cause trouble under his nose and behave atrociously above his head! “

Young Marshal has two classic aphorisms.” “First of all, everything my wife said is true.” “Second, if wrong, refer to the first sentence. 

Tyrant's Reborn Hot Wife Novel by Xie LiuYing
Tyrant’s Reborn Hot Wife Novel by Xie LiuYing

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