Unrecognizable Novel by Erin FitzGerald

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Unrecognizable Novel Summary.

What would you do to save your marriage?

Michael’s two-year deployment turned into three when an operation went sideways, and he’s spent years trying to unwind the things in his head that are destroying his marriage and his life.

Claire spent the better part of a year believing she’d lost the other half of her heart.

Michael’s return was a miracle she hadn’t dared hope would occur, and she’s crushed to find the man returned to her is a stranger who can’t bear to touch her.

With their children grown, she’s lost hope and without something to bind them together, she and Michael live largely separate lives.

When Claire decides that cutting Michael loose is the only way to save him, both of them struggle with loss, anger and heartbreak.

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The struggle is more than either of them anticipated, and their families watch worriedly as they fall apart.

Can Michael make peace with his demons, or will Claire accept that the man she loves with all her heart will never be more than a roommate?

Unrecognizable Novel by Erin FitzGerald
Unrecognizable Novel by Erin FitzGerald

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