Unveiling Calamity Novel

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Unveiling Calamity Novel Summary

To be a Mystery is to go against the heavens.
To go against the heavens is to die.
But being a Mystery is to live and exceed the heavens, what a contradiction.
To be a Mystery is to be a secret, to be a secret is to hide.
Therefore, to hide is to live, and to live is to hide.
What are we hiding?
Chris a young man with an unknown past who just wants to be left alone, has found himself haunted by danger and trouble alike. With an attribute such as ‘Kismet’, trouble followed in his wake. Blood, gore, death and betrayal had soon become a normal for our young Mystery: a mythical group of people with powers untold, ungraspable by mere mortal minds.
In a world threatened by a darkness that has corrupted countless worlds and realms, distorting their very essence; looming over them. Chris found himself pitted against abominable monsters, the subverted beings, and other Mysteries alike – in a bid for survival… and truth.
Why does fate keep lying and tormenting me?
Maybe fate should be eradicated.

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Unveiling Calamity Novel
Unveiling Calamity Novel

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