Using baby daddy for revenge Novel by nkish27

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Using baby daddy for revenge Novel Summary.

After a steamy night with a stranger when her best friend drugged her, Melissa’s life is totally changed.

She losses her both parent and all their wealth when her father’s company is declared bankrupt, falls into depression almost losing her life but news of her pregnancy gives her a reason to live.

Forced to drop out of college, Melissa moves to the province with her aunt who as well had lost her family. Straggling to make a living as an housekeeper,

she meets her son’s father four years later who manipulates her into moving back to the city and coerces her into marriage with a promise of finding the persons behind her parents death and company bankruptcy.

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Hungry for revenge against the people she believes ruined her life, she agrees to marry Mark Johnson, her one night stand. Using his money and the Johnson’s powerful name she is determined to see the people behind her father’s company bankruptcy crumble before her.

Focused solely on getting justice and protecting her son, she has no room for love, but is her heart completely dead? How long can she resist Mark’s charm when he is so determined to make her his legal wife in all sense of the word.

Using baby daddy for revenge Novel by nkish27
Using baby daddy for revenge Novel by nkish27

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