Vastaus – The Answer Novel

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Vastaus – The Answer Novel Summary

In 3036, a pivotal time etched in history marked the onset of catastrophic events that threw everything into disarray. Aiden, who never entertained the idea of enlisting in the military, was compelled to step into the fray as the situation unfolded. His journey unfolds across the expansive, tumultuous seas, a quest in search of answers to the causes behind the devastating destruction and the foreboding future.

Unexpectedly, amid this pursuit, he stumbles upon the answers he seeks, leading him to confront a truth that transcends the terrestrial—a revelation of an extraterrestrial nature that he never fathomed.

As he delves deeper, Aiden grapples with the realization that there’s something more profound at play, something beyond his wildest expectations. Will he unearth the meaning of his existence thus far, or will he succumb to the grim fate that threatens to annihilate all life on the planet, leaving him as lost as anyone else in the wake of this catastrophic destruction?

Vastaus - The Answer Novel
Vastaus – The Answer Novel

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