Vicious Vows Novel by Mys_tic❤️

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Vicious Vows Novel Summary.

“You’re mine! From the day you married me, you became mine alone. So, if you smile at another man,

I’ll turn you over my lap and spank you till you are a moaning mess.” Octavia had always been a victim of constant torture and abuse at the hands of her family.

She never thought she would escape the hell she called home. Well that was until he came knocking on her door, looking for a bride.

Tasked to take her stepsister’s place as the bride to a ruthless Alpha, Octavia is feeling more scared than ever. What happens when she sees that the Alpha might not be as the world portrays him?

What happens when her heart begins to sway? What happens when he finds out about the swap? Will she be able to weather the storm or will she be left alone once more?

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Follow Octavia as she delves into the world that belongs to the masked Alpha. Her Alpha Damien.

Vicious Vows Novel by Mys_tic❤️
Vicious Vows Novel by Mys_tic❤️

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