Villain Retirement by Romeru

Villain Retirement by Romeru is a thrilling and fascinating magical realism story that follows the life of a young boy named Riley.

Summary of Villain Retirement 

Riley, at the age of 16, did the unthinkable: he assassinated the world’s most powerful superhero. He was hailed as a villain, and his actions earned him worldwide acclaim.

Riley, however, is revealed to have a more complicated personality than his heinous act would suggest from the story. He is shown to be someone who does not want to be a villain but was forced to become one due to his life circumstances. 

Riley’s journey, despite his infamous act, is portrayed as sympathetic, and readers are drawn into his story and his struggle to retire from the life of a villain life. 

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Villain Retirement by Romeru
Villain Retirement by Romeru

It follows him as he navigates his new life and tries to make amends for his past actions.

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Villain Retirement is an engrossing novel that delves into themes of redemption and the possibility of change. Riley’s character is complex and relatable, causing readers to root for him despite his past actions. The book has 648 chapters and is a long but satisfying read that will keep readers interested until the very end.

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