Villain Simulator Novel

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Villain Simulator Novel Summary

This is the story of Leo, a writer of fantasy web novels, who, while getting drunk one night, was suddenly transmigrated into his own work of fiction: “Descent of Nexus World on Earth”

And that too in the body of Adrian Vaiself, the son of a billionaire who was also the most trashy character in the book and was destined to die at the hands of the main character.

In this new world, a VMMORPG game has become a reality. Monsters, dungeons, and humans with super-powers.

Everything exists in this new world. However, as the creator of this world, Leo knew that this world was a much more dangerous place than it appeared to be.

Because this world was moving towards its impending doom.

Now he not only had to save his life from the protagonist, but also from the doom that awaits him and everyone else at the end. Nonetheless, he was determined to do everything it takes to survive. And right when he makes this decision, his Golden-finger shows up.

Villain Simulator Novel
Villain Simulator Novel

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