Virgin Bride For The Beast Wolf Novel by Jessica Molly

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Virgin Bride For The Beast Wolf Novel Summary.

“Take your clothes off. It’s time to bathe.” Hearing those words, fear overwhelmed me, and I felt as if I might wet myself. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around my body, unable to fathom removing my clothing.

He rose from his seat, approached me with a sinister smile, and placed his hands on my hair. “Would you like me to assist you?” Trembling with fear, I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head, vehemently refusing while inching away from him.

“Well, if you don’t want to disobey your husband, do as I say.” He returned to his chair and sat down, watching me intently, waiting for me to comply and undress. I rose slowly, unable to meet his gaze.

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Tears welled up in my eyes as I cautiously removed my clothes, feeling the weight of my world crumbling. Avoiding his face, I sensed a hand on my shoulder, freezing me with fear. “You’re beautiful, my dear. Age is just a number.

I’ll show you what it means to be a woman,” he whispered. My instinct was to run, but I had nowhere to go. Trapped with this monster, I glimpsed his bare body approaching me.

Overwhelmed, I squeezed my eyes shut, unable to face the sight of a naked man for the first time. Suddenly, his warm hands cradled my face, his body drawing closer. “Open your eyes, love.

There’s no need to be shy. Everything here is meant for you.” Curiously, his touch brought a strange sense of calm, and I hesitantly opened my eyes, meeting his bloodshot gaze. “That’s it, my love. I’m all yours.”

Virgin Bride For The Beast Wolf Novel by Jessica Molly
Virgin Bride For The Beast Wolf Novel by Jessica Molly

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