Void Evolution System by Crocs_is_Dead

Earth experienced a phenomenon that is now referred to as the “World Awakening” five years ago. The world had entirely transformed by that point. Gates started to open as Mana awoke in the world, and a holographic screen displaying each person’s “status” appeared in front of their eyes.

Each person was assigned a talent to begin with, ranging from straightforward skills like improved vision to crazy fantasy talents like pyrokinesis. Damien also discovered a spatial affinity with the ability of “short-distance teleportation” amid this vast array of skills.

Void Evolution System
Void Evolution System

He was initially thrilled, envisioning fierce conflicts and achieving tremendous power, but reality soon put him to shame. He was exhausted after utilizing his power a few times because it was limited to a 10-meter radius around him and because his physical stats were so bad. Damien was discouraged by his frailty and led a quiet life, doing anything he could to make ends meet, until everything changed one day.

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Damien was abandoned in a maze of animals after being deceived and tossed into a gate.

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That day, something inside of him broke. He wouldn’t continue to be cowardly and keep his head down. He had no idea how to get back to Earth when he came out of the darkness and into a new planet. But he wasn’t the same child he had been before the accident.

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