Want You Back Novel by Raregem

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Want You Back Novel Summary.

“What more can I do for you, what exactly do you want from me, Raymond? I and my family are no longer indebted to you!” Lizzie yelled, holding on to another man.

“You are mine and mine alone. You cannot belong to another! You are mine!” Raymond asserted jealously.

Raymond Davis has been unfortunate in matters of love, he’s had two failed marriages in the past. But, as a big businessman and a public figure,

he needed a wife to command respect and to be perceived as a responsible man in the community. So, he decided to buy one by paying off her family debt and then refused to appreciate or see her as a wife beyond publicity.

Elizabeth Brown on the other hand is a brilliant young lady with a bright future ahead of her but her dream came crumbling when her parent chose to use her as the cheque to clear off their debt in an arranged marriage with Raymond.

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Raymond’s game came over when Lizzie becomes independent and chose to divorce him.

What will be Raymond’s fate when he later discovers his love for Lizzie while Lizzie on the other hand is quickly moving on with her life?

Want You Back Novel by Raregem
Want You Back Novel by Raregem

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