War of Hearts Novel by Jeddy_Coco

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War of Hearts Novel Summary.

“Was there something I could have done, to make your heart long for me?” He asked, causing her to stop in her tracks.

“To make you see me as your dream the way I see you as mine?” “Nothing is better than to both say our goodbyes, so let’s just let it go Russe. Goodbye.”

she vanished into the eerie night with her bag. Russe continued staring at the spot she vanished from, and with tears welling up in his eyes he fell to his knees. “I love you Adel!” he whispered.

Nothing would hurt a powerful werewolf more than being rejected by his mate and that’s what happen to Russe, the Alpha of the Teros Pack.

After years of being in love and then rejected on the wedding day, he vowed never to get married to another woman, except that the moon goddess’s prophecy really gave him no way out.

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The moon goddess gave a prophecy decades ago stating “The Alpha who is rejected by his mate must not be without an offspring for the throne.

When he begat a first son with the Xenakis, the hybrid one regardless of her mate must be sacrificed for he whose eyes is as cloudy as the sky.

Tribulation awaits the Teros Pack until a new offspring is born.” His mate rejected him for a human she was pregnant for, and now he drunkenly impregnated the Xenakis’s only female warrior.

Finding out his unborn son would be born disabled wasn’t the end of his nightmare, even his mate’s hybrid child had to be sacrificed for his own disabled child.

War of Hearts Novel by Jeddy_Coco
War of Hearts Novel by Jeddy_Coco

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