Wedding bet Novel by Érica Christieh

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Wedding bet Novel Summary.

Ashley is a teenager who prepares to enter college when she receives the news that her father, Ethan bet her on a game of chance and lost her.

Now she will be forced to marry Oliver, an arrogant man and Ethan’s former partner. After they marry, Ashley becomes pregnant and discovers that Oliver has a mistress, and that this woman is his best friend’s wife.

Stefany, the mante tries in every way to end Oliver’s fake marriage and even tries to kill Ashley. Ashley has a mission to hide the pregnancy so that Oliver doesn’t find it.

When the two years of the contract is fulfilled, Ashley breaks up and tries to go on living taking care of the son that Oliver does not even know.

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Until life put them face to face again and reconnect them. In the end, Ashley stays with Oliver. And Oliver discovers the true meaning of love.

Wedding bet Novel by Érica Christieh
Wedding bet Novel by Érica Christieh

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