Werewolves Novel by Meike Snoeijs

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel, Werewolves by Meike Snoeijs.

Werewolves Novel Summary.

When Lola gets the chance to participate in an experiment to win a million dollars she does not hesitate.

All she has to do is insert herself with werewolf DNA and find out if werewolves still exist. Sound like a piece of cake right? In reality, she ends up in the middle of a mate hunt and gets claimed by Noah Grey.

The ruthless alpha of the Grey Oak pack. Lola has no intention of finding a mate and certainly doesn’t let a man tell her what to do.

But as she slowly gets accustomed to the werewolf ways, she discovers some dirty secrets hidden.

She realizes that even for creatures from legends not everything is always as it seems. Will she claim her prize or will she fall for temptation?

Werewolves Novel by Meike Snoeijs
Werewolves Novel by Meike Snoeijs

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