Why Should I Stop Being a Villain

Why Should I Stop Being a Villain is a thrilling fantasy novel by Raos_IOI. A world where numerous dimensional zones have appeared on Earth


Summary of Why Should I Stop Being a Villain

The story revolves around the evilest villain, who is on the brink of death. He is unexpectedly given the opportunity to turn back time by an unknown entity, and he takes it.

The villain is transported back in time and awakens in the body of his younger self, complete with all of his memories. 

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Why Should I Stop Being a Villain
Why Should I Stop Being a Villain

Throughout the story, the protagonist faces various challenges, which he overcomes by using his knowledge of the future. He also meets a number of people who have an impact on his life and assist him on his journey. He becomes stronger and more determined to become a better person with each passing day.

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The characters are engaging and relatable, and the novel is well-written. The world-building is also excellent, with vivid descriptions of the various realms and creatures.

Anyone who enjoys fantasy and time-travel stories will enjoy Why Should I Stop Being a Villain.

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