With Fire and Sword Novel by Andrea Matthews

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With Fire and Sword Novel Summary.

Will and Maggie are just settling into the twentieth century when a note, discovered hidden in an old diary, turns their new world upside down.

The message is from Dylan, and it urges them to return to the past to mend a rent in the fabric of time or risk altering events in both centuries and not for the better. There are only two problems.

First, they no longer have any stone left in the amulet, and second, even if they could somehow locate a new stone, what is it they need to change?

Richie Carnaby may have the answer to that question. Though he’s traveled through time himself, there are events from his sixteenth-century past he can’t recall, things that he should be able to.

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Could his selective amnesia mean that these occurrences remain unsettled, having turned on a course not set by destiny? But even if they are, what are Will and Maggie to do about it?

Back in the sixteenth century, Dylan is facing his own dilemma. Realizing almost at once that the threads of time have snapped and torn the very fabric itself,

he is afraid the only way to mend the rent is to summon Will and Maggie back as soon as possible, but how? The stone has surely disintegrated, and even if a bit does remain,

he hesitates to ask them to return and put their lives in jeopardy once again. Unless he does, however, the damage will remain undone, setting events on a course that was never meant to be.

Can Will and Maggie find their way back to the sixteenth century and repair the tattered fabric, or will the threads of time continue to unravel throughout the centuries, altering history as they know it.

With Fire and Sword Novel by Andrea Matthews
With Fire and Sword Novel by Andrea Matthews

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