You Plus Me Equals Novel by Kat Wilkinson

Don’t miss this amazing novel, You Plus Me Equals by Kat Wilkinson.

You Plus Me Equals Novel Summary.

Leo is just a normal guy in college. Every day is the same. That is until Max shows up in his life and turns everything upside down.

He could handle the change if it was small, but Max surprised him in front of the whole economics building.

Scratch that the WHOLE College! How is he supposed to recover from that? The worst part is that Leo liked how Max made him feel inside. Now he is stuck in a crazy entanglement with Max as they both try to discover just what being in love means.

Especially when what they are feeling and how to deal with those feelings, means coming to terms with a growing change inside of them.

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A beautiful short story about individuality, love, and the roles we face when held back by our own narrowed feelings.

You Plus Me Equals Novel by Kat Wilkinson
You Plus Me Equals Novel by Kat Wilkinson

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