You Think I Won’t Talk Novel

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You Think I Won’t Talk Novel Summary

Elizabeth, a girl with an unusual personality is reincarnated into the body of a mute woman in what appeared to be medieval times. However, the people surrounding her seemed familiar. She had transmigrated as the dead villainess’s older sister in a +19-rated novel she read long ago in her past life.

Marianne, the previous owner of the body, had a tragic past. Abused by his obsessed older brother and little sister, the part of her soul left in the body doesn’t give Elizabeth freedom.

Now she will discover the truth behind Marianne’s condition, experience unknown feelings, and recall her past to overcome these new difficulties.

‘I’m gonna go crazy…how is it that this girl didn’t even have her name mentioned in the novel?… some authors really are idiots…’

You Think I Won't Talk Novel
You Think I Won’t Talk Novel

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