You’re My Sunshine Novel by Janycaty

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, You’re My Sunshine by Janycaty.


You’re My Sunshine Novel Summary.

Purity is an orphan whose mother died when she’s too young forcing her father to remarry in order to provide her with a complete family having to feel a mother’s love so that she won’t miss her late mother so much.

Later her dad too passes away leaving her under her stepmom’s care. Once they are over the mourning of her father, the stepmom changes abruptly turning her life a living hell.

Sometimes she struggles to break free from her grasp in vain. On learning that she’s trying to flee from home her step

mom forbid her from leaving the house which in turn makes her to drop out of school and hence becoming a house girl.

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One night changes it all when she’s eighteen. Journey with me to see how God changed her story.

You're My Sunshine Novel by Janycaty
You’re My Sunshine Novel by Janycaty

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