15 Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Colorado| Cost, Requirements & How to Apply

Application into dental hygiene schools in Colorado comes with its ups and downs. however, the right information is your best bet at getting into the school of your choice.

In the United States, there are many dental hygiene schools. This makes it challenging for a candidate to settle on just one option when deciding which institution to apply to.

Because of their experience and high standards, Colorado’s dental hygiene programs consistently produce some of the country’s most skilled dental hygienists. Acceptance into one of these colleges may be difficult, but with the correct guide,, it will be easier.

Without much emphasis, here are the 15 best dental hygiene schools in Colorado, their costs, and the requirements which will aid your application process. 

Are there Dental Hygiene Schools in Colorado? 

Dental hygiene schools in Colorado offer degrees in dental hygiene until the successful completion of the study. These are: 

  1. Pickens Technical College
  2. Pikes Peak Community College
  3. Front Range Community College
  4. Colorado Dental Assisting School
  5. Community College of Denver (CCD)
  6. Colorado Northwestern Community College
  7. Pueblo Community College
  8. Concorde Career College-Aurora
  9. Arapahoe Community College, Littleton
  10. University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
  11. Pima Medical Institute – Colorado Springs
  12. Denver Dental Assistant School
  13. IBMC College
  14. University of Northern Colorado
  15. Rocky Vista University

How Much Does Dental Hygiene Schools Cost in Colorado? 

The cost of dental hygiene schools in Colorado ranges from $4,018 to $15,955 per semester. This depends on if the school is a private or a public school. The cost of a dental school in Colorado would also differ for the particular degree the applicant seeks to enrol for. The tuition for an in-state applicant is slightly more affordable than for an out-of-state applicant. 

According to the Colorado Dental Assisting School, some dental assistant training programs in Colorado can cost as much as $12,000, while full tuition for the curriculum there is $3,295 to $3,995.

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What are the Requirements for Dental Hygiene Schools in Colorado? 

Most dental hygiene schools in Colorado have specific requirements for applicants interested in enrolling in a degree program at the school. As an applicant, you should at least possess some, if not all, of these requirements to receive consideration for admission into any of the dental hygiene schools in Colorado. These requirements include:  

  • You need to get at least a GPA of 3.0.
  • Medical report.
  • High school transcript.
  • Minimum age requirement of 18 years.
  • You will need to take a dental Admission Test (DAT) test. The test helps to admit students to dental programs.

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What are the Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Colorado? 

1. Community College of Denver

Denver, Colorado’s Community College of Denver (CCD) is a public community college that dates back to1967. One of Colorado’s most renowned dental hygiene programs is provided by the Community College of Denver.

The dental hygiene program at Community College of Denver also commits to training students to provide thorough dental hygiene care to a patient population with various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and to enhance patients’ oral health and general well-being.

Graduates of the CCD dental hygiene program will successfully pass the written and clinical board exams required for dental hygiene licensure.

Moreover, Application and successful completion of the prerequisite courses are requirements for admission to the dental hygiene program at Community College of Denver.

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2. Pueblo Community College

Founded in 1933, Pueblo Community College (PCC) is a public community college in Pueblo, Colorado. A two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene is available through Pueblo Community College.

For qualified dental hygienists with an associate degree, PCC also grants a Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene program is dedicated to preparing registered dental hygienists to advance their academic careers and professional possibilities.

The dental hygiene program at Pueblo Community College also dedicates to encourage intellectual development and producing skilled dental hygienists who uphold the highest ethical and professional standards.

The success rates of Pueblo Community College graduates on the Dental Hygiene licensing exams are also well known, and in high demand in the industry.

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3. Colorado Northwestern Community College

Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC), a community college with locations in Rangely and Craig, was established in 1962. A dental hygiene associate of applied science degree is awarded to program graduates from CNCC’s dental hygiene program.

Graduates of the CNCC Dental Hygiene program are qualified to apply for licensure in all 50 states and sit for the National Board Exam as well as regional or state clinical board exams. Statistics show that the Colorado Northwestern Community College Dental Hygiene Program has a success record on the Board exams of over 100%.

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4. Concorde Career College

One of the dental hygiene programs in Colorado without an application fee is Concorde CareerCollege. When it comes to admissions, this college is likewise less selective. They provide Associate Degree Programs in Dental Assisting & Dental Assistant, Dental Assistant, and Dental Hygiene.

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5. Arapahoe Community College, Littleton

Arapahoe Community College in Littleton offers one of the smaller dental hygiene programs in Colorado with no application fee and a less stringent admissions policy. 329 first-year students and 778 overall are enrolled at the college.

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6. Pickens Technical College

Popular at Pickens Technical College, the dental assisting program prepares students to participate actively in the dentistry community.

Students who complete this program are prepared to help dentists in the dental operatory from the chairside, handle reception and clerical duties, and perform some laboratory work. The student will also learn the abilities necessary for providing direct patient care, including taking x-rays and impressions, providing preventative education, and offering nutritional counselling. Work on clinical projects will be done at various private dental offices and clinics.

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7. Pikes Peak Community College

Colorado Springs Pikes Peak State College is a public community college. It is the largest higher education facility in the Pikes Peak area.

Students from PPSC can enrol in necessary courses for Dental Hygiene programs before transferring. Dental hygiene has distinct and more stringent general education requirements than dental assisting.

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Entry into dental hygiene programs is competitive. Most have yearly application deadlines and extremely precise course schedules.

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8. Front Range Community College

Colorado’s Front Range Community College is a public institution with several campuses. It has centers in Brighton and Loveland and campuses in Westminster, Longmont, and Fort Collins.

Students who complete this certificate program in dental assisting are prepared to assist dentists with all facets of dental care. You’ll graduate with knowledge of laboratory techniques, dental radiography, office administration, clinical assistance, and infection control.

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9. University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

The dentistry school of the University of Colorado is called the School of Dental Medicine. Students can learn from virtual reality to the physical world in all three dimensions. The school offers patient care, research activities, and interprofessional experience. The school’s outstanding faculty, staff, and students can provide patients with high-quality care.

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10. Pima Medical Institute – Colorado Springs

This program at Pima Medical Institute will provide you with the social and professional abilities required to perform as a dental hygienist on a dental team and within the broader dental community. The program’s curriculum combines classroom instruction with laboratory work and on-site clinical experience to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide ethical, thorough dental hygiene care that complies with accepted standards.

Communication, anatomy and physiology, radiography, oral pathology, patient management, patients with special needs, dental supplies, and periodontics are among the subjects covered in the Dental Hygiene associate program. Three restorative dentistry courses will also be offered to students at the Seattle location.

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11. IBMC College

Three private, for-profit IBMC College campuses are located in northern Colorado. Fort Collins, Colorado, serves as the college’s administrative hub. The diploma program provides instruction in the fundamental concepts of dental assisting. Students are prepared for entry-level careers in dental assisting through this.

Students in advanced degree programs gain marketable skills that enhance their prospects for job and career advancement. Our objective is to assist students in making the most of individualized attention and experiential learning, with a focus on practical career-training skills. Dental experts that have experience teaching will be your teachers.

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12. Denver Dental Assistant School

Denver Dental Assistant School was established to allow students to become Dental Assistants without the financial burden of debt or the years of formal education while offering all the knowledge, expertise, and prerequisites you need to enter the local workforce.

At a quarter of the price of other colleges, the 12-week dental assistant course has assisted thousands of people in beginning a new career in the dental industry. By providing reasonable tuition and various payment options, the school enables students to complete the Denver Dental Assisting Program debt-free.

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13. Colorado Dental Assisting School

The opportunity to receive training in a field that is almost recession-proof is incredible at Colorado Dental Assisting School. You can earn a recognized certification in dental assisting and become certified in dental radiology and CPR in only ten short weeks. They provide students from all around the world with the chance to complete an internship working with actual patients in actual dental practices.

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14. University of Northern Colorado

In Greeley, Colorado, there is a public university called the University of Northern Colorado. As the State Normal School of Colorado, the university was established in 1889.

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Students can pick from a wide range of UNC majors and finish the necessary preparatory courses to get ready for admission to medical school and other health professional degree programs. Prerequisites for health professional schools typically call for an additional year of education for those majoring in non-science fields.

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15. Rocky Vista University

The Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) program at Rocky Vista University (RVU) is a post-baccalaureate program that offers students interdisciplinary academic coursework to improve their qualifications and candidacy for medical, veterinary, dental, physician assistant, or other professional schools. A 9-month academic year is required to complete the program’s 31 credit hours.

The Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program also seeks to improve students’ academic standing and their ability to compete for professional or graduate degrees.

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How Do I Become a Dental Hygienist in Colorado?

There is no one set route to becoming a dental assistant in Colorado because no official licensure is required.  However, you may want to take the following steps to become a dental hygienist in Colorado:

  • You must complete a dental assistant degree program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).
  • For anyone working with anaesthesia, complete Basic Life Support training is required in Colorado.
  • Complete X-ray training.
  • Get a CPR certification. 

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Best Paying Dental Hygiene Jobs in Colorado with Salary 

To get one of the best-paying dental hygiene jobs, you should be able to get to a level of expertise or experience in the field. This would put you in an advantageous position while looking for jobs. You would hardly go out to search for jobs because with the right qualifications, these jobs would come to you. 

These are some of the best-paying dental hygiene jobs in Colorado with their respective salary: 

  • Advanced clinical dental hygienist: $66,438 – $86,371
  • Temporary dental hygienist: $45 – $50 an hour
  • Family dental hygienist: $73,000 – $93,000 a year
  • Dental Hygiene office coordinator: $25 – $28 an hour

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Depending on your short and long-term professional goals, you should decide whether to seek a dental assistant degree or not. You can more readily transfer credits from an associate’s program to a bachelor’s program, an associate’s degree in dental assisting may offer more earning potential and employment prospects. A certificate program in dental assisting is more affordable and efficient, nevertheless.

Obtaining certification is an excellent method to start working as a dental assistant as soon as possible. Degree programs in dental hygiene can be worth looking into if you intend to use your training as a dental assistant as a stepping stone toward your long-term goal of becoming a dental hygienist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Dental Assistant Program in Colorado?

Whether you enrol in full- or part-time classes depends on the program, the certificate, and your schedule choice. On a full-time basis, associate degree programs last two years to finish. Internship-based programs could take a little longer.

How Much Do Dental Hygienists Make in Colorado?

The average annual wage for dental assistants in the country is $41,180. The average wage per hour is $19.80. The top 90% of earners in the industry earn at least $58,390 annually. The highest-paid dental assistants are those who work for the government. On average, dental assistants in Colorado can expect to make between $40,990 and $44,690 per year.

What degree is best for a dental hygienist?

The majority of dental hygienists earn a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in the field. Even though it’s uncommon, you can seek a master’s degree after earning your undergraduate degree.

Is studying to be a dental hygienist hard?

Classes on dental hygiene demand a lot of dedication. You will have to quickly study a lot of the course material. Even though working as a dental hygienist is rewarding, there are some challenges. It’s nothing you can’t handle if you have the right amount of patience and motivation.


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