Who is Patty Gardell, Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Net Worth (Biography)

Patty Gardell, who is also known as Patty Knight Gardell and Patty Steele, is an American celebrity spouse best known as the wife of Billy Gardell. Billy is an American stand-up comedian and actor who grabbed attention following his acclaimed police officer’s role in the NBC sitcom TV series “My Name Is Earl”. He is also widely known for his role as police officer Mike Biggs in “Mike and Molly” and Bob in “Bob Hearts Abishola”.

Patty and her husband have been together for over 20 years, and their union is blessed with a child. The public’s interest in Patty stems mainly from her long marriage to Billy. There is a widespread belief that celebrity marriages don’t last, and as a result, those that do last fascinate the public and people just want to know more about them.

It goes without saying that Patty is yet another statistic to the long list of people who attained fame by association. The celeb spouse is otherwise just another American who leads a quiet life. She is a stay at home wife and focuses on supporting her husband and caring for the family.

In a few paragraphs, we will look at her life, her marriage to Billy Gardell, and other lesser-known truths about her. For starters, see the following ten interesting facts about Patty Gardell.

10 facts about Patty Gardell, Wife of Billy Gardell

  1. The truth about Patty Gardell’s exact date of birth is not known. While many sources claim she clocked 49 in 2021, others claim she was born in 1980, which would make her 41.
  2. Though Patty and Billy got married in 2001, they had been in a relationship many years before then. Their wedding ceremony took place in Los Angeles, California.
  3. In 2003, Patty and Billy had a son, William Gardell, and the couple have not had any other children since then.
  4. Patty Gardell stands at the height of 1.65 m or 165 cm. Her weight is 55 kg or 121lbs, her hair is blonde, and she has beautiful dark brown eyes.
  5. She has not disclosed details about her occupation, but she is a housewife who dedicates most of her time to taking care of her family. It is said that she considers her family more important than career success.
  6. Patty has been credited as the source of inspiration for her husband, Billy, to pursue greatness in his career.
  7. Billy Gardell received a Daytime Emmy nomination back in 2016 in the “Best Game Show Host” category.
  8. Since 2019, Patty’s husband has been the star of a hit CBS sitcom called “Bob Hearts Abishola“. His character owns a sock company and falls in love with a nurse on the show.
  9. Billy Gardell has always struggled with his extra-weight, and at one point, the actor even weighed 350 pounds.
  10. Patty Gardell has an estimated net worth of $300,000, while her husband has an estimated net worth of $10 million

Early life and education

Patty was born in the United States, and her parents are Nettie Haynes Carr and Jim. Her mother, Nettie, is a well-read woman who went to Vidalia High School and then enrolled at Augusta State University. Shortly after she graduated from Augusta, Nettie studied accountancy at Ogeechee Technical College.

Not much is known about Patty’s own education or childhood, but we found that she grew up with three siblings through her social media. She sometimes posts photos of them on special occasions.

Billy Gardell – husband

Who is Billy Gardell? Born 20 August 1969, William Gardell Jr. is an American actor and stand-up comedian. Gardell played Chicago police officer Mike Biggs on “Mike & Molly”. He also had a recurring role as Billy Colivida on “Yes, Dear” and appeared in a dozen episodes of “My Name Is Earl” as a police officer. Gardell voiced Santa in “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas” and starred on “Sullivan & Son” in the recurring role of Lyle Winkler. Since 2019, Gardell has played Bob Wheeler in the CBS sitcom series “Bob Hearts Abishola”.

Gardell in Mike and Molly
Gardell in Mike and Molly

His birthplace is Swissvale, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. He did school in Winter Park High school in Orange County, Florida, in 1985. While growing up, his parents divorced, and he was forced to move to Florida with his mother and other siblings.

When he turned 15, he began working at a department store warehouse. His job involved unloading trucks and stacking pallets. In 1987, he started working as a cleaner to clean bathrooms and was also responsible for answering phones in a particular club. In the same year, he began performing comedy in open mic days.

Gardell is known for his comedic roles and is influenced by Jackie Gleason. He has also listed Richard Pryor, George Carlin, John Candy, and John Belushi as his influences.

Billy Gardell weight loss

Billy Gardell Weight Loss. Patty Gardell Husband, Billy Gardell Now and Before.
Billy Gardell Weight Loss. Patty Gardell Husband, Billy Gardell Now and Before.

Anyone who knows Billy knows he used to be on the obese side. In an interview with East Valley Tribune in 2011, Gardell said he was doing everything possible to improve his weight situation. After the success of “Mike & Molly”the producers offered Gardell a personal trainer. The show’s creators said they wanted him to be healthy, but he asked them what would happen with the show if his overweight character suddenly was no longer overweight. The creators said his health was more important, and no matter what happened, they would write it into the show.

He began working with a nutritionist and a trainer to keep his weight under control, even though he still had bad days. “There are some days when I feel like rolling around in a pizza,” he told Eat Valley Tribune, following with, “I’m trying to keep the good days outnumbering the bad ones.”

Billy Gardell weight loss journey took a positive turn when he lost around 45 pounds. In an interview on the late show with Craig Ferguson in 2011, he said that he would have liked to lose 30 more for the sake of his knees. Four years later, in June 2015, while speaking with Tampa Bay Times, Gardell stated that he had lost 70 lbs and couldn’t wait to lose 80 more.

He also participated in Novo Nordisk’s transition program in march 2020 in order to take care of his type 2 diabetes. The stand-up comic then started taking the injectable non-insulin medicine called Ozempic from the company as per the program plan.

Who is Patty Gardell, Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Net Worth.
Who is Patty Gardell, Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Net Worth.

Gardell reformed his eating habits and started exercising to maintain his weight. He also got a coach to guide him during his mental shifts. He did these through the unwavering support of his wife, Patty.

Billy Gardell net worth

According to Wealthpersons and other sources, Billy Gardell has a net worth of $10 million as of 2021. His primary sources of income are his acting career and, of course, his stand up comedy. He has and still is a part of many successful projects.

Billy Gardell wife

Billy Gardell wife Patty Gardell.
Billy Gardell wife Patty Gardell.

Patty has been famous as the wife of the comedian Billy Gardell. It is unknown where and how they met, but they have known each other for many years. They dated for a while before getting married in 2001.

The couple has been married for nearly 20-years. They tied the knot back in October 2001 in a ceremony that took place in Los Angeles, California. They are since leading a blissful marital relationship without any conflict.

On 1 October 2015, Patty shared a throwback photo from their wedding in honour of their 14th wedding anniversary. She wrote, “Taking a moment to say how grateful I am to be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary with my hubs, Billy Gardell. My how time flies! Love you, B!”

Billy Gardell and Patty Gardell (wife)
Billy Gardell and Patty Gardell (wife)

Although neither Patty nor her husband Billy had ever talked when they first met, it became public knowledge that they have been together since 1999 after Patty herself posted a lovely photo with her husband, celebrating their 17th Valentine’s Day together in 2016.

The couple welcomed their first and only child two years after getting married. Patty gave birth to their son named William III, in 2003.

As earlier mentioned, Patty opted for a life of a stay at home wife in order to care for her family and support her husband. For her, family is more important than career. This is why she is not pursuing a career even though it is believed that she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The family of three often appears together, spending time together in exotic places. Patty has also been Billy’s source of inspiration and pride as he continues with his acting career.

Who is Patty Gardell, Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Net Worth (Biography)
Who is Patty Gardell, Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Net Worth.

Patty Gardell net worth

As suggested by several sources, Patty is from a well to do family. Because of this, even though she has no major career, she holds a net worth of $300,000. Of course, it is expected that she has a share in her husband’s fortune also.


A very fascinating part of Patty’s life is her decision to forgo her career and focus on family. Such sacrifices take major courage to make, and she seems to do it so effortlessly. Although this is never a guarantee of a blissful home or marriage, she has been blessed with one. Her marriage to Billy Gardell is one envied by many. It is said that the couple has never made the news for any controversy or conflict in their home. Clearly, they are doing something right. Whatever it is they have been doing right for the past twenty years, we hope they keep doing.

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