Faster Than Light by Aianovels2404

Faster Than Light by Aianovels2404 is a science fiction novel. 

Summary of Faster Than Light

The protagonist of the tale must leave his home due to his stepmother’s brutality and his father’s death. He starts earning a living by providing assistance to others at the age of fifteen. He has an accident and develops superhuman speed one day while spying on a cutting-edge laboratory.

The boy, now known as the “speedster,” is followed throughout the story as he struggles to make sense of his new powers and establish himself in society. 

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Faster Than Light by Aianovels2404
Faster Than Light by Aianovels2404

In order to avoid the authorities who are after him, he turns into a vigilante and uses his abilities to aid those in need. 

He encounters a group of individuals with complementary skills along the way, and the two of them join forces to combat a greater threat. 

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As the speedster gains strength, he must learn to control his speed so that it doesn’t overpower him. Both those who want to take advantage of him and those who are wary of him present difficulties for him. Throughout the story, the speedster must also come to terms with his own past and learn to forgive those who have wronged him.

Fans of science fiction and superhero stories will enjoy the fast-paced and exciting Faster Than Light. The plot is full of surprises that keep the reader interested all the way to the end, and the characters are well-developed.

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