From Rejection To Redemption Novel by Eira_H

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From Rejection To Redemption Novel Summary.

“Aren’t you curious about what this cake is celebrating?” “I’m celebrating my death.” You are not required to attend my funeral, Henry.”

Henry learned that William’s last words to Edward before the accident were, “Tell Liam Miller to hurry up, Henry hates the darkness.” … When the room was pitch black, there was no William to turn on the lights for him.

There would be no more William staring at him all day. No more William eating the cake he had thrown away.

No more William’s loose confinement. He could no longer cause harm to William Wilson. Would Henry Scott choose to love William Wilson again if given the chance?” “William, let’s get married.”.

From Rejection To Redemption Novel by Eira_H
From Rejection To Redemption Novel by Eira_H

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