Heir of Aurelian by Zentmeister

The year is 407 AD, and Rome is on the verge of collapse. Flavius Claudius Constantinus, a usurper from the West, has declared himself Emperor. By doing so, he and his traitor troops effectively split the Western Roman Empire in half.

Heir of Aurelian by Zentmeister
Heir of Aurelian by Zentmeister

The north is bleeding at the same moment! Numerous Germans flood across the Empire’s frontiers, pillaging its territories in savage raids. Alaric, King of the Goths, rises to prominence and threatens the waning Empire’s ancient capital with barbarian hordes. As if things weren’t awful enough, whispers from the east claim that a mysterious power has emerged from the fogs of battle, threatening to drown the Empire in a flood of blood.

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In reaction to these threats, the sluggish emperor Honorius directed his supreme general Flavius Stilicho to recover Gaul from the usurper. Yet, if he leaves the Empire’s heartland undefended, Alaric will definitely invade. With the menace of barbarians at the walls, Stilicho deploys a young Roman general named Titus Claudius Marcellus to terminate the usurper’s power. Will Rome succumb to the tides of barbarians and traitors? Can Marcellus save a world that is disintegrating around him? Discover more in Heir of Aurelian!

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