Her Majesty Novel by Crystalz

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Her Majesty Novel Summary.

Brittany is a 17 years old girl who fell inlove with a college senior and also a business man. She was shy, beautiful, always wear eye contact to hide her blue eyes.

He was 22, rich, handsome, loving and also a playboy. Those he have fucked doesn’t say less about his skills in bed. He wasn’t stinch, he give girls money and leave them, they always want more from him,

but he only sleeps with those he wants more than once. Brittany knew nothing about this playboy, coase he always hides it. He thought his parents know nothing about him, but they know it all.

Brittany met Shawn in a time she needed a ride to see her mother, he came to her rescue. Then their story began.

Her Majesty Novel by Crystalz
Her Majesty Novel by Crystalz

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