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Hitman with a Badass System is an 880-chapter action-packed martial arts novel about a hitman who receives a powerful system that allows him to achieve anything he desires.

Summary of Hitman with a Badass System

The protagonist, John, is not your average hitman; he possesses extraordinary strength, speed, and combat abilities that make him a lethal weapon in the hands of his clients. However, after receiving the system, his life changes dramatically as he becomes more powerful than ever.

The system is unique in that it is not entirely under John’s control, and he begins to wonder who is in charge. As he delves deeper into the system’s origins and purpose, he discovers some shocking truths that shake his very beliefs to their core. He also faces numerous challenges, such as dealing with powerful adversaries who want to bring down both him and the system.

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Hitman with a Badass System on Webnovel
Hitman with a Badass System on Webnovel

One of the novel’s central themes is the idea that power comes at a cost. As John gains power, he finds himself confronted with difficult moral quandaries and forced to make difficult decisions that affect not only himself but also those around him. As well, there is a strong emphasis on action and martial arts, as John takes on various opponents using his deadly combat skills and the powers of the system.

Overall, Hitman with a Badass System is an engrossing and thrilling read, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers on their toes. The novel explores complex themes while providing nonstop action and adventure, making it an excellent choice for fans of martial arts and action-packed stories.

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