Joyous Celebration Songs

Joyous Celebration – Inxaniwe (Video and Lyrics)

Inxaniwe by Joyous Celebration Video and Lyrics

Inxaniwe by Joyous Celebration Video and Lyrics

Video : Joyous Celebration – Inxaniwe

Joyous Celebration – Inxaniwe Lyrics

Njengebhadi libhadula,
[As the deer wandering]Ukufun’umthombo
[Panteth for the waters]Iyafuna njalo Thixo intliziyo yami
[So my soul longeth after thee Lord]

Inxaniwe intliziyo
[My heart is thirsty]Inxanelw’uThixo
[Thirsty for the Lord]Ewe lowo waziwayo
[Yes the one known to the world]Ungophilileyo
[He is the living one]

Kungani na mphefumlo wam ukhathazekile?
[My soul, why are you troubled?]Bek’ithemba lakho kuYe
[Put your trust in Him]Uthuthuzeleke
[And be consoled]

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