King Zod Novel by MarillaGarden

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King Zod Novel Summary.

“Let me mark you,

Maya.” He bluntly said.

“Mark me? What’s that?” “It’s this!” He said, pulling me close to him. Before whispering in my ear.

“Mate you, become one with you, or as you humans say. F*ck you, hard.” Marine Seth Lones doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into when he signed up to serve his country.

The mission was, to capture something within the depths of The Black Forest. Not knowing what he would come across, he faced a beast.

A beast called Maximus, also known as, King Zod. King Zod only followed Seth for a unique scent he carried. The smell of his mate. Being captured by humans wasn’t apart of his plan. Locked up for months,

he decided to take over Seth’s body. So that he can find his mate.  What happens when he finds out his mate is half human, half witch? You’ll have to find out.

King Zod Novel by MarillaGarden
King Zod Novel by MarillaGarden

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