Monster Novel by Mona Curtis

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Monster Novel Summary.

His hand wrapped in her hair, yanking her face up to him to look into his angry eyes.

“Tell me where the fuck is he?” He growled, making her shudder in fear. “Tell me now!” “I..I..won’t…” she whimpered due to a sharp pain shot through her skull.

He grabbed his pistol and pressed it right on her temple, snarling, “Are you going to tell me or do you wish for death?!” “I want to dieā€¦” she cried out.

Anger roared through him, he pressed the gun in her temple wanting nothing more than to kill that bitch right that moment but something snapped inside him when his eyes fell on her body,

and a cruel smile curved his lips. “Not before getting a taste of you!”.

Monster Novel by Mona Curtis
Monster Novel by Mona Curtis

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