My CEO, My Temptation Novel by Cassandra Davy

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, My CEO, My Temptation by Cassandra Davy.

My CEO, My Temptation Novel Summary.

“I want this,” I repeat my words. “And what exactly is this?” he smiles and holds my back with his hands in all his casual sexiness. “I want my orgasm,”

“You’re not there yet, baby girl.” He stated softly, his hands trail down to my ass and squeezed them making me pouted at him. “I can get there, you can get me there.” “I will, but not right now,”

This books is a part of a series, you can read it as a stand alone. But you will understand the characters better of you read them in order.

Jessica had tried her hardest to rebuild the family legacy, but her brother’s scandalous past has proven hard to make her bounce back.

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And when her family business was bought out, there was nothing she could do but follow her lawyers’ advice. But what she didn’t expect was her new boss.

The fact that she has someone to report to annoyed her, and for that someone to be handsome and smart it infuriates her. She knows he’s a player, he knows she’s a fragile woman with a very dark past.

Can she shake him off and live peacefully with her job? or will he push himself and break out from his comfort zone to make her fall for him?

The love story will be emotional, irritating, and eh…I’m still not sure what else 😜 But the happy ending will be inevitable.

So, add this book to your library and join me as we read about Jessica’s happy ending.

My CEO, My Temptation Novel by Cassandra Davy
My CEO, My Temptation Novel by Cassandra Davy

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