My Enigmatic Bride Novel by Nefen Gaskell

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My Enigmatic Bride Novel Summary.

Kaylee had high hopes for her future. After spending many years with her adopted family—the Hadleys,

she was about to get married to the infamous son of the Stephen family instead of her sister. Elijah—the bridegroom was known to be a treacherous playboy.

He was handsome and loaded, but he was far from being husband material. Elijah was the only heir of the Stephens, but he wasn’t serious like the heirs from other families.

He played around and whiled away time doing everything except contributing to the family’s business. His relatives disliked him very much. Forced by his grandfather, Elijah had no choice but to marry Kaylee.

The impression Elijah had of his bride was bad from the onset. However, he soon found out that Kaylee wasn’t as unpleasant as people claimed. She was such a sweetheart. She had a gorgeous face despite the horrible scar on it.

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His joy knew no bounds after he found out that she was actually the girl he loved as a teenager. Could this be fate? Or a start of something beautiful? Maybe both! As time went by,

Kaylee began to learn about Elijah’s secrets. He was much more impressive than people gave him credit for. Why then was he pretending to be a useless heir? What else was he hiding?.

My Enigmatic Bride Novel by Nefen Gaskell
My Enigmatic Bride Novel by Nefen Gaskell

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