My Sinful Stepbrother Novel by NK SMILES

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, My Sinful Stepbrother by NK SMILES.

My Sinful Stepbrother Novel Summary.

I left my dad and sis home rushing to visit my fiancé. Even though my dad and sister rejected the idea, I had no option. Its been over two years and I have not spend time with him.

It’s the eve of his graduation and I will love to surprise him. I took a flight which lasted for 5hours. From the East Coast to the West, transferred twice, switched subway and then bus to get here on time.

Finally I got to my destination I’m in front of his apartment but something unbelievable is ongoing inside his room.

My fiancé! Fucking with another lady after putting a ring on my finger as a sign of love? This ring is fake!.

My Sinful Stepbrother Novel by NK SMILES
My Sinful Stepbrother Novel by NK SMILES

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