One Midnight Novel by Starry Drops

Make sure you don’t miss this lovely novel, One Midnight by Starry Drops.

One Midnight Novel Summary.

A group of three girls go to a private chalet to spend three days as a holiday in the mountainous forest side.

And to add to it there is a wild wolf who is roaming outside and the caretaker who is an ex murderer.

Jeremy their friend is supposed to join them but goes missing before he even reaches there and they end up getting stuck with no light and phone connection.

A group of family go on a, safari in the wild and their car breaks down. Another group of people also join them.

As there are lions outside in the night. The novel is all about this adventure. Mia the main character sees more adventure then in the movies she had seen.

One Midnight Novel by Starry Drops
One Midnight Novel by Starry Drops

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